Research, Training & Consultancy on Drug Use, Drinking & Deviancy

List of documents written by Russell Newcombe since 1985 for which copies are held by Drugscope in their library (including some online summaries):

Drugscope Library

For example - the very first article to be published on harm reduction:

Newcombe, R. (1987). High time for harm reduction. Druglink, 2(1), 10-11 [abstract].
Other Works
Books on Safer Drug Use (Lifeline Publications)

Tripology: Dr Nuke's Guide to Mind Bending Drugs (2004)

Magic Mushrooms (2004)

Research Reports & Other Drug-related Papers

The theory and practice of drug-related crime (1995)

Methadone mortality: a reply to Ward et al. (1997; Addiction, vol. 92)

Ecstasy deaths (1997)

How risky is ecstasy? A model for comparing the mortality risks of ecstasy use, dance parties and related activities (1999)

Psychonautics: a model and method for exploring the subjective effects of psychoactive drugs (1999)

Attitudes to drug policy and drug laws: a review of the international evidence (2004)

The nature of ecstasy group related deficits in associative learning (2005) [co-authored with C. Montgomery & J. Fisk; Psychopharmacology, vol. 180]

The ACMD Report on Cannabis: a review (2006)

Quantity thresholds for distinguishing drug possession from possession with intent to supply in Britain (2006)

Multi-Drug Injecting in Manchester: a survey of 100 injecting drug users attending Lifeline needle exchange scheme in 2006 (2007)

Second-Class Citizens: discrimination against drug users - the need for a Charter of Drug Users' Rights (2007)

An overview of drug use among young people in Britain (2007)

Drug War Milestone: UK drug searches and drug offences both reach record levels (2008)

Zopiclone: an assessment of the consumption and consequences of using zopiclone (Zimovane) among drug-takers in a North-East town (2009)

The use of mephedrone (m-cat, meow) in Middlesbrough (2009)


The speedball wake-up call (2007)

A Drug Users' Charter (2007)

A model for harm reduction (2008)

Liverpool: Back to the roots of harm reduction (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, 2010)

Conference Presentations

The spread of speedballing: a survey of 100 drug injectors attending the Lifeline needle exchange in Manchester in 2006. National Conference on Injecting Drug Use, London, 2006

Down and out of it: high levels of drug-related risk and harm among homeless IDUs in Manchester. National Conference on Injecting Drug Use, Glasgow, 2007

Telling the truth about drugs: the Lifeline approach to information, education and communication (IEC) about drug use – focusing on safer injecting. National Conference on Injecting Drug Use, London, 2008

The need for speed: substitute prescribing to amphetamine users in Britain - National Conference on Drug Treatment, London, 2009

A multi-disciplinary theory of drug-related harm reduction - International Harm Reduction Association's 21st Conference (Plenary Session), Liverpool, 2010